Smart Cure

Currently gas discharge lamps like high/medium-pressure mercury-arc lamps or metal halide lamps and microwave-powered mercury lamps are used for UV curing. In addition to these UV radiation sources Smart Cure allows UV LED (Light Emitting Diode) sources like SLM (Semiconductor Light Matrix) systems to be utilized for radiation curing.

UV LED sources are characterized by low energy consumption and long product lifetime while generating neither heat nor ozone. Beside all conventional applications of UV cure, Smart Cure enables printing onto heat sensitive materials.

In addition to UV curing inkjet inks Tritron offers Smart Cure inkjet inks to OEM partners. V Photon indicates Smart Cure inkjet inks for FUJIFILM Dimatix (former SPECTRA), XAAR and Konica Minolta DOD printheads. LC indicates Smart Cure inks for Hewlett Packard® (HP) thermal inkjet (TIJ) 2.5 technology.

V Photon inks are available as process colors including light tones as well as spot colors.