Product decoration


Digital printing inks for challenging surfaces and materials.

Application-oriented solutions for the industrial environment

Tritron has been a pioneer in industrial digital printing for many years and continues to set new standards with its digital printing inks – particularly regarding adhesion, resistance, print quality and suitability for further processing such as bending, machining or 3D forming processes (die cutting, deep drawing, creasing, etc.). 

We work closely with printhead and printing system manufacturers to ensure that our digital printing inks meet the high to stringent demands of our customers and their application, all the while ensuring high availability and print quality at the same time. As a reliable partner, we also support our customers by efficiently integrating digital printing into existing manufacturing processes.

Thanks to outstanding innovation, our digital printing inks have successfully penetrated markets that had been typically served by traditional inks and printing methods.

Cylindrical bodies

Customized direct printing on a hollow body

Printing onto three-dimensional objects calls for an increased distance between nozzle and substrate. This places particular demands on the droplets, their size, their speed, their repeatability and their placement. With our ink systems, which are perfectly adapted to the printhead properties through complex excitation functions, our customers achieve sharp-edged print results even on irregular three-dimensional shapes without having to compromise on productivity.

Thermoformable products

Excellent elongation properties for large drawing depths

Three-dimensional formation processes such as deep drawing, die cutting, cutting, embossing and creasing challenge the qualities of ink layers in industrial finishing processes unlike any other process.

Our HydroGel ink system is the perfect response to these requirements and, in the sum of its advantages, is clearly superior to conventional UV LED-curable systems.

Industrial supplies

High durability in the industrial environment

Digital printing inks often fail to achieve the required adhesion when printing on plastics, metals and glass. Our digital printing inks, in conjunction with our adhesion promoters, are permanently and durably anchored to the most difficult surfaces – not only when dry, but also when exposed to water for a prolonged period of time. The high-resolution print results have exceptional adhesion and maximum chemical and mechanical resistance.

Electronic components

Professional and standardized labeling

Professional and industrial marking according to IEC 60204-1:2005 standard is crucial for perfect operation and safe maintenance of industrial facilities. Our customers are playing it safe when they opt for our UV LED-curable digital printing inks, which deliver a precise print image and are extremely durable – even in industrial environments.

Flexible packaging

Inkjet solutions for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging is extremely practical. In addition to being light and robust, it protects the contents from loss of quality and, at the same time, should attract customers’ attention. With our digital printing inks, you leave nothing to chance and create the most challenging packaging designs of the highest quality.

Folding cartons

Digital finishing of various cardboard materials

In packaging printing, first impressions count and can have a decisive influence on potential customers’ purchasing decisions. With our selected digital printing inks, our customers produce high-quality print results while meeting the high adhesion, scratch resistance and print quality requirements. But product safety plays an important role too, especially in the finishing of sensitive applications.


Endless decors and stable qualities

In principle, good impregnability of decorative papers and inks must be ensured in digital printing so that the final laminate product meets all the standard requirements. Even today, this is a very challenging task in practice. Our digital printing inks can be used to turn new and creative design concepts with three-dimensional structures, such as decors with a visual mixture of materials, into a reality.


Improved customization, protection and personalization

Smart, personalized financial, ID and gift cards play a vital role in our everyday lives. Our digital printing inks deliver high-quality, durable print results that meet the high card durability and readability requirements.