Business Segments


Product decoration and product labeling
with UV LED-curing and water-based digital printing inks.

Our business segments: Product decoration and product labeling

Printed products are everywhere. And the demands placed on the printing industry, especially industrial digital printing, are constantly increasing. Printing applications in the industrial environment in particular pose major challenges for manufacturer of printing machine and printing ink alike. Often, individual printing modules must be integrated into existing production lines and their demanding production environments. Thus, printing machines and printing inks must both meet high reliability standards.

Together with our partners and thanks to our in-depth knowledge of inkjet printing, we open up new markets and create flexible, forward-looking solutions.   

Our product range primarily addresses two business segments ‘product decoration’ and ‘product labeling’ – each with UV LED-curing and with water-based digital printing inks. It all started in the field of product labeling (labeling, marking and authentication), but since the early 2000s we have also operated successfully in the field of product decoration.