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Our high-performance, reliable inkjet inks
for industrial and consumer products.

Reliable, precise and complete product labeling

The permanent, individual and clear labeling of products (package printing), mailings (mailing) and components (labeling of electrical and electronic components) is playing an increasingly important role in the industry. Depending on the application, different requirements are placed on industrial labeling, such as traceability and identification (Track & Trace). Additionally, the various national and international regulations must be complied with. 

Tritron offers different inkjet inks for the various digital labeling solutions.

Package labeling

Clear labeling of primary and secondary packaging

Whether it’s round, angular, uneven or smooth, and made of cardboard, plastic, foil or metal – as diverse as primary and secondary packaging is, the labeling requirements are equally diverse and challenging. In addition to traceability, counterfeit protection and clear identification of individual products being guaranteed, the labeling must be permanently legible too. 

Our solutions:

Addressing mailings and postal items

Address postcards, catalogs, magazines, envelopes and much more besides with inkjet inks

Due to the variety of products and formats to be printed – such as envelopes, newspapers, vouchers and every conceivable form of creative mailing, in conjunction with a wide range of materials such as cardboard, uncoated paper, coated paper or even temperature-sensitive substrates – the requirements for fast and reliable addressing and personalization can be very complex.

Our solutions:

Marking solutions for industrial applications

Solution for labeling terminals, conductors and cables, devices and equipment

Professional and standardized labeling (according to IEC 60204-1:2005) is a prerequisite for faultless operation and safe maintenance of industrial facilities. This requires precise and durable marking on hard-to-print materials, such as coatings, plastics and metals, which is also highly resistant in industrial environments. 

Our solutions: