Natural Cure

Natural cure means thermal accelerated chemical curing. Through exposure to heat a solid film, which is resistant to water, solvents and most chemicals, is irreversibly formed within a short time (one to several minutes) through cross-linking and polymerization, respectively.

OEM partners can obtain from Tritron Natural Cure inkjet inks called N Gen. N Gen inkjet inks are based on water and available as process colors for a range of piezo-based DOD printing systems.

The fluidity of water-based inkjet inks applied on non-porous media in conjunction with printing different colors adjacently requires color leveling control. Without it the ink flow on non-porous media is determined by wetting of the inkjet ink, which in turn depends on the contact angle exhibited by the liquid applied on the substrate surface. On porous media ink flow is essentially determined by absorbency.

A novel process for controlling color leveling is part of a modern technology for printing non-porous media in particular with water-based N Gen inkjet inks. The technology consists of three elements: 

  • Surface pretreatment
    Relevant process parameters can be adjusted by utilizing suitable media pretreatment:
    • Color leveling
    • Area coverage rate
    • Curing speed
  • Inkjet printing
    N Gen inkjet inks are printed with piezo-based printing systems. Prints are highly light-fade resistant because the chromophoric components of these inks are pigments.
  • Natural Cure
    Thermal treatment of the print causes polymerization and thereby excellent durability