About us

Tritron was founded in 1991 as a manufacturer of inks and colorants in Battenberg, Germany and has been an affiliate of the Atlantic Zeiser Group since 1998. This merger marked the beginning of the development of inks and thinning agents for inkjet printers. Tritron has focused on building deep technology and industry expertise, and has specialized in the development and production of printing inks and ink accessories for non-impact printing (NIP) technologies. Tritron offers a wide spectrum of optimized solutions for this sector that are distinguished by a high degree of innovation and meet the highest standards.




In addition to its strong customer and employee commitment, the company is greatly commited to the environment. Tritron is located in the northern part of the German state of Hesse and has close ties to the upper Eder region. Environmental and quality awareness as well as customer and employee satisfaction are given highest priority in our corporate philosophy. Realized profits are continuously reinvested to ensure high-level technical progress and quality.

By expanding its position and exceeding customer expectations Tritron aims to become a leading manufacturer of standard and specialty inks for suppliers of continuous inkjet (CIJ) and drop on demand (DOD) inkjet printing systems. To establish this leading position and solidify it long-term, the company develops and manufactures an extensive portfolio of high-quality products in a dynamic and team-oriented business environment. With customer requirements in mind Tritron designs innovative inkjet inks for novel products, thereby providing its customers with a competitive edge.


Tritron is part of Coesia, a group of companies focused on industrialized packaging solutions, headquartered in Bologna Italy, fully owned by Isabella Seràgnoli. Coesia customers are leading players in a broad range of industries, including Aerospace, Ceramics, Consumer Goods, Electronics, Healthcare, Luxury Goods, Pharmaceutical, Racing & Automotive and Tobacco.


Barbara Michaela Schulz is Digital Printing Solutions Chief Executive Officer.