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Welcome to the Tritron GmbH in Battenberg, Germany. Tritron is focused on Non Impact Printing (NIP) inkjet inks for Drop on Demand (DoD) as well as Continuous Inkjet (CIJ). Tritron specializes in inks for printing, marking and coding of semi porous and non porous media and is offering process colors, spot colors and security colors.



The company is in control of curing technologies like UV-curing (UV Cure) or thermal accelerated chemical curing (Natural Cure) - Tritron inks enable curing even with UV LED technology (Smart Cure) on industrial scale - an absolute innovation.


We are looking forward to your visit!


InPrint 2017:

November 14 - 16, 2017

Munich, Germany

Solvent Black (HP 45si)

Latest News: Solvent Black (Funai Bryce cartridge)

Tritron is a licensed partner of Funai. We offer inkjet inks in virgin Funai Bryce cartridges (formerly Lexmark).


Our Solvent Black ink captivates by its extreme long decap time, as well as its excellent adhesion and durability on a wide range of non-porous media.