Tritron offers printing inks, ink accessories and cleaners for continuous inkjet (CIJ) and drop on Demand (DoD). Based on years of experience in printing ink production, Tritron has created a broad spectrum of solutions for the marking, identification and label industry as well as the graphics and décor printing industry.

The product portfolio's novel UV Cure, Smart Cure und Natural Cure printing inks set standards for several areas of application. They are offered as black colors, process colors and spot colors as well as special colors and security colors. Depending on the ink type porous, semi-porous and non-porous media can be printed on.

Smart Cure und Natural Cure have been developed by Tritron and stand for innovative, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient technologies for manufacturing exceptionally durable inkjet products. Tritron thereby provides it's customers with a fundamental production advantage that cannot be achieved with other printing inks.

The company's up-to-date laboratory equipment and ultra-modern production facilities are the foundation for development and manufacturing at the highest level of quality.



Orion inks cure when irradiated with intense UV light sources like mercury arc and microwave discharge lamps.


Smart Cure

V Photon

V Photon inks cure when irradiated with intense UV light sources. As an absolute innovation V Photon inks also cure by means of UV-LED (Light Emitting Diodes).



LC refers to alcohol-based, pigmented V Photon UV/UV-LED curing inks that have been specially developed for labeling semi-porous and non-porous media utilizing Hewlett Packard® (HP) thermal inkjet technology (TIJ).


Natural Cure


N-Gen inks are water-based and can be used by the décor printing industry for printing on porous and non-porous media. Through exposure to heat N-Gen inks polymerize within a short time.